About Us

360 Farm & Winery is an organically grown farm service company that offers complete farming in the Arkansas Area. 360 offers customers a wide variety of products that can be utilized. 360 is unique from other farms in that organizations can contact us before starting a farm or for products that we serve. In addition, 360 can provide existing farming organizations with our specialty products. 360 will also offer many contract services for grocery stores and food distribution centers. We will work with our clients to develop a company specific evidence-based plan that will take care of the organization’s needs. Each client will be assigned a Consulting Concierge that will conduct a needs interview, which will allow us to develop specific tools for the organization. In the future, we would like to work with local schools to develop a Gardening® Program, which will assist in the proper placement of current and future organic farmers. This will give young farmers the opportunity to gain the on-the-job experience to go along with their new talent.