Our Builds! We Build Beds!

Just in time for spring!!!! We are so excited to announce that 360 Farms and Winery, is becoming mobile! We have contracted with the best team to bring you a great new service! We are now offering everyone the opportunity to have their own garden!!! No matter where you live (apartment, condo, small house, or large farm), we have the perfect gardening solution for you! Based on your needs, we can customize a gardening solution for you!! Our master builders will come to your site, access your space, and build to suit your needs!!! In addition, we can also assist you in choices of foods to grow! Then our USDA certified, Master Gardeners will help you plant (or do it for you), instruct you, and send you updates on the maintenance of your garden!!! Let us build and teach you how to GROW!! Food prices are soaring and will continue to climb!!! Call us at 229-792-4262 to get started on your custom garden ! *please note that customers are responsible for the price of materials, as prices fluctuate they will reflect in our pricing* !! Call us today to schedule a consultation!